Her Story

Betsy Jones is a native Louisvillian who was drawn to yoga at an early age. When she was just 12 years old, Betsy arrived at her first yoga class at the neighborhood “Y” with nothing more than sheer curiosity and the company of her less than willing mother.VDP_1002c_copy_350x255

Betsy was an exceptional tennis player in high school, winning four singles championships at Sacred Heart Academy (and a couple doubles championships with her sister, Colleen). She continued to play tennis in college, and she remained true to her enthusiasm for health and physical fitness post-college.

While working in the telecommunications industry, Betsy was lured to a yoga class in Fort Lauderdale by a work colleague who guaranteed her it would be a “great workout.” The colleague did not tell her it was hot yoga for fear that Betsy wouldn’t go. Given the run-down conditions of the tiny studio, Betsy merely assumed that there was a problem with the air conditioning. Nonetheless, she was hooked immediately! That first class at Bikram’s Yoga College of India in Fort Lauderdale was the one that changed her life forever.

Ten years later, Betsy returned to her hometown to fulfill what had become her dream of opening her own Bikram Yoga College of India in Louisville. To test the Louisville market, she  rented the aerobics room at a local gym to teach a couple yoga classes a week. Betsy realized that should could, indeed, build a hot yoga following in the city.

VDP_10022_400x320In keeping with her vision, Betsy moved her business to the apartment building where she also lived. She converted a small apartment into her first makeshift studio where she mirrored the walls, added space heaters, and conducted a minimal number of hot yoga classes on a weekly basis.

In two short years, the volume of students outgrew this temporary situation. Yogis were commuting from all parts of the community, and Betsy felt an urgent need to become professionally certified.

In 1997, Betsy went to Los Angeles and spent three months training directly under Bikram. She received a 500-hour certification and mastered the Bikram Yoga series. At the end of that same year, her dream was realized when she opened Bikram’s Yoga College of India Louisville, joining the ranks of the various Bikram studios that were being established by her training counterparts throughout the country.

Betsy’s studio thrived over the next ten years. She added classes at a steady rate to accommodate the ever-increasing demand while mentoring new teachers at the same rate.

Over the years, Betsy’s passion for yoga grew beyond the confounds of the Bikram practice. Her extensive travels to observe studios throughout the country ultimately resulted in an awakening of sorts. Betsy begaStyleBluePrint-306_460x509n to embrace other styles and forms of yoga practices. She embraced her role as a student, diving into trainings and workshops.

Although her heart remained true to her roots in Bikram, she developed a more holistic mission and dreamt of creating a new home for her students that would embrace both the physical and spiritual.

In support of this mission, Betsy’s Hot Yoga Louisville opened in September of 2007, offering a wide range of classes and a very talented and passionate family of highly trained teachers.

Aside from Betsy’s title as a senior Bikram teacher, she also holds various other certifications: Barkan Method Hot Vinyasa Teacher – Level 2 (2004), Yin Yoga Certification through Sarah Powers of the Santa Barbara Yoga Center (2008), Anusara Yoga Training through Sianna Sherman (2010) & Art of Teaching Kula-style Vinyasa Certification (2011).